Apparel21 announces release of Version 2015.3

November 18, 2015

      We are proud to announce the release of Version 2015.3. This version has been fully tested for Windows 10 and Apparel┬▓┬╣ is now compatible with Windows 10 from this version onward.
Below is a list of functionality that is being release among others. Contact US for more information   Point of Sale
  • Search enhanced to easily locate e-commerce transactions in-store
  • Performance improved between stores and head office to take into account increased number of Gift Vouchers during the holiday period
  • Carton receipting in-store to support scanning of cartons that contain multiple orders
  • Manual override of Ship from store orders to be able to reassign orders
  SalesNet - Customer Self Service Portal
  • Ability to view and pay invoices at Bill to level
  • Support multiple BrainTree merchant id's to allow for payments in multiple currencies
  • Group products by division or brand
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