Version 2017.1 is here!

June 29, 2017

In this release, we have made improvements to various areas of the system.

These improvements are summarised below:

• Listing tab customisation available
• Query screen overhauled to allow for multi selects and additional options
• Update purchase order line due dates in bulk - for late delivery
• Line level references to facilitate sundry purchasing postings
• Bulk complete and replace purchase order lines
• Bulk uncomplete purchase order lines
• Bulk update of purchase order references

• Stock orders - replaced the product details page with a quick order dialog to speed up the data entry
• Stock orders - entry of due date with calculation using customer delivery lead time days
• Ability to quickly set up catalogues in head office Code Maintenance / Product Exports
• Email Braintree receipt after successful payment

Picking Management:
• Date/Time stamp and Sales Order references added to the Remote Pick Master sequence list
• Customer order number and order priority added to Picking Management
• Option to jump from Sales Orders to a Picking Management Line

• Support added for ship from store using Temando in NZ
• Retail promotions option added to calculate discount off original price
• Original price and savings for the sale now displayed in the sales screen
• Store budgets at store now separated out into store and online sales (SFS)
• Minimum order quantities can be set to prevent head office transfers being generated for low units

Sales Orders:
• Enhancements to Kit Order Entry to allow for fixed quantities in kits and option to make available to all customers, not just one customer
• Carrier track and trace updates so user don’t need to enter the connote number after accessing the link. Functionality also rolled out to Mail Order, SalesNet and Retail API