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Apparel²¹ is Now Available in the UK

We are pleased to announce the partnership between Apparel²¹ and Island Pacific. Island Pacific, a leading provider of software solutions and services to the retail industry for over 40 years will be spearheading the implementation of the Apparel²¹ solution in the UK.

Apparel²¹ has a history of providing the leading clothing and footwear ERP in Australia and New Zealand for over 400 fashion brands. Providing solutions for the management of retail, wholesale, and production operations including design and product development, purchasing and production, wholesale, distribution, accounting, warehousing stores, e-commerce, and reporting.

Island Pacific will leverage its deep retail expertise and understanding of the UK market to ensure seamless and effective deployment. This partnership between Island Pacific and Apparel²¹ allows the extension of the Apparel²¹ solution into the UK market and beyond. If you would like to request more information and receive a demonstration of the product contact our team!

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