Apparel21 has built a reputation for providing the benchmark forĀ ERP technology and expert customer support for the 'style, colour, size' industry.


Products & Key Features of the Apparel21 ERP Solution

  • Eliminate duplicated efforts and processing time
  • Reduce wastage in the production process
  • Leverage real-time company information
  • Optimise stock allocation & Reduce processing time
  • Improve planning accuracy & Increase product margins
  • Fully integrated across retail, wholesale, production & financials
  • Fashion industry specific easy to use with a friendly interface
  • Sophisticated online help functionality
  • Can be integrated seamlessly to other solutions
  • Provides powerful planning, reporting and analysis tools
  • Strong industry customer base with a proven track record
  • Implementations remain within the timeframe & defined budget
  • Access to free ongoing training

Apparel21 fashion ERP solutions can be any combination of


Additional Apparel21 systems within the overall ERP solution include

  • Financials
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Reporting and Analysis

Your Fashion ERP Solution Checklist

  • Is it truly industry specific?
  • Can you affordably include customised functionality?
  • Is the upgrade path sustainable?
  • Will your customisations be included in future upgrades at no additional investment?
  • Will your customisations be supported by the Help Desk?
  • Do you need to reconfigure the solution each time you upgrade?
  • Will you get free monthly training to maintain skills?
  • Will you get the opportunity to provide feedback for future product developments?

Your ERP solution vs Apparel21


Apparel21 can help
you say 'yes' to all
these questions

Know how?